What I Know About America After Getting Thrown Out Of A Trump Rally

“Go home, niggers” is what this Donald Trump bullshit is all about. These poor uneducated people can’t understand how a black man could have ever gone to an ivy league school and been successful, they definitely can’t fathom how a black man could ever become President of the United States; it doesn’t fit with their worldview. So, after 8 years of living in the Twilight Zone, these people are angry and pissed and nasty and foul. These supporters of Donald Trump are gearing up to lynch people in the streets and this coward Donald Trump is fanning those flames of hatred amongst his constituents. These racist losers are more emboldened by Donald Trump’s harsh rhetoric against people of color than ever. It’s allowed their type to come out of the woodwork. Most of these people don’t have anything more than a high school diploma. This is the middle class of America that has been wiped out due to Republican presidents and policies, and now they blame Obama for what their own representatives caused upon them. They want a solid return the ‘white America’ they lived in for decades and decades; but here’s the thing, that America is DEAD and it ain’t coming back. America is a melting pot. Sad to see a large group of people in this country clawing and grabbing at a figment of their imagination, a fantasy that they think they can recreate in the reality of modern life and living we call human civilization. Source: What I Know About America After Getting Thrown Out Of A Trump Rally