16 good qualities of Lord Rama

We like this list of 16 good qualities of Lord Rama:

1) He never spoke lies.

2) He never spoke foul language.

3) He will not expect the other person to speak first. He himself will smile and start the relationship.

4) He never played games that involved luck.

5) He never remembered what he gave to others.

6) He never thought about his greatness.

7) If someone did many misdeeds to him but only one good thing sometime, he will only talk about that good thing and never about those many misdeeds.

8) If someone comes to him criticizing him, he will understand why that person is disappointed with him and answer him in such a way that the misunderstanding is erased.

9) He can be satisfied with 50% of what he usually eats. Even with 25% or even a handful of meal.

10) He indulged in pleasures without transcending social norms.

11) He was interested in earning money. He never wasted the money he earned. But spent them in such a way that it is useful for everyone.

12) Though he was interested in earning money he was fully aware about the higher truth and did all his spiritual practices.

13) He was a well wisher, not just for his people but each and every creature on earth.

14) Never in his life time did he think about any other woman other than Sita (his wife).

15) His appearance was always pleasing. ie., he presented himself nicely in front others.

16) The principle of his life was to save anyone who surrendered at his feet. No matter how much harm that person had caused to him.

Reminder: Lord Rama’s Birthday (Rama Navami) is celebrated this year on April 8 IST: http://www.astroved.com/rama_navami.aspx

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Hemp Power Protein Smoothie Recipe

1.5 cups coconut milk (substitute organic brown rice/almond milk)

1/2 cup water or your favorite herbal tea

2 Tbsp of your favorite hemp protein powder

1 Tbsp organic nut butter (almond and cashew work well)

1/2 cup frozen strawberries

1 banana

1 tsp chia seeds

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp spirulina

1-2 ice cubes – optional

Place all ingredients in the blender and thoroughly mix until liquified with a smooth consistency.

This recipe makes two full 10oz glasses which you may share or consume on your own.

The best time to consume this smoothie is first thing in the morning. You may even find that it will stave off hunger for several hours.

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Trinity’s Super Cleansing Green Kale & Coriander Drink Recipe | Wake Up World


– A few thick celery stalks

– Several really big kale leaves

– Two medium sized apples

– A handful of fresh coriander leaves

How to make the juice:

It’s really simple. Just roughly chop and juice the above ingredients.

You chop your fruits and veggies and push them through the juicer, whilst the juicer separates the fibre/pulp and magically delivers you the juice out the other side. I put the pulp through a second time, to squeeze a little bit more out. I then pour into a nice glass, sit down, close my eyes and really feel the energy of the divine nectar that I’ve been given.

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